Sian Kristoffersen


Our visual registers are often already in search of determination, archetypal features and signi fications as ways of establishing conscious perception of our surroundings, but what happens when we experience outside of our celebrated configurations. Things start to morph, twist, mutate, transform and exit from ease and amenity. The scope of this booklike assemblage activates new kinds of correspondences between different collections of imagery. A elastic compromising between textual autobiographical registrations, dangerous beasts, transformations, unstable forms and irresolutions. “Shifting” becomes a timeless element that keeps on challenging our familiarities and stabile perceptions.
Browsing through the pages we encounter various mythological creatures, personas, historical references to film, art and literature and Sian Kristoffersen’s own work, all forming a web of new meanings together.
Sian Kristoffersen’s practice juggles instabilities, metamorphoses, ancient mysticism and contemporary phenomena. Subjectivity is never a stable condition, but wanders, reshaped and opposed to the notions of set identi fications. As if reading is an act of experimentation in open zones between female, animal and mystical formation. Underlying troubling registers and dangerous demons crawl into our areas of familiarity and flirt with the darker sources of power. Our human condition is depicted as unsettled and in a continuous state of trembling. Imagery fades and almost collapses from solid registrations into transient blurriness.
The nonlinear reading of associations that this book formation builds up feed from the multiple rather than withholding a totality. Kristoffersen’s poetic universe of beasts, beauties, wild floras and pleasant soft colours manage to activate something between the comfortable and intensely unstable. Celebrating counter-principles and hybrid forms pushes against notions of unity, straight representation and singular subjectivity. Through these many mechanism Kristoffersen's work liberate our civilized span of associations and take us into the wonders of the unknown.

Iben Elmstrøm / Independent curator / Sixtyeight Art Institute



Sian Kristoffersen (f. 1969)

2000 - 2004 Glasgow School of Art. BA Hons. Dept. Of Photography (BA)
2005- 2007 The Royal Danish Academy of Art (MA)

Solo, Duo and Trio Exhibitions

2019 : Dernier Cri - Studio Pernille Kapper Williams, Copenhagen, DK
2018 :  Metamorforse - m. Jon Erik Nyholm og Kristina Jakobsen, Til Vægs, København, Dk
2018 : Trick Mirror - Organon Exhibition Space, Odense, DK
2016 : Opaline - Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen DK
2015 : Harmolypia (Pnyx) - Formic, Copenhagen DK
2015 : Fragrant Phantoms with Marie Edinger Plum - Sixtyeight Art Institute, Copenhagen DK
2014 : Female Talent Pipeline with Charlie Hammond - Studio Golden Enterprise, Copenhagen DK
2014 : Dyster Cypres with Trine Riel, Skåne Konstforening, Malmø, SE
2014 : Doll Furious -Tranen, Gentofte, DK
2013 : The Radiant Hour - Galleri Marie Kirkegaard Copenhagen DK
2011 : Salty Waters, Velvet Ropes with  Sara Katrine Thiesen, Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen DK
2011 : Double Eye with  Marianne Hesselbjerg - TTC Gallery Copenhagen DK.
2009 : Lacrimosa - CO-Lab, Copenhagen DK
2009 : Cursed Sleep - Sierra Metro Edinburgh, UK
2008 : The Brute Choir - Projektrum Kabine, Copenhagen DK
2007 : The Muses are Heard with  Sara Katrine Thiesen & Trine Riel - Q  Copenhagen DK
2004 : Polystacia with Trine Riel - Blytækkervej Copenhagen DK
2004 : Lovesick with Trine Riel - Blytækkervej Copenhagen DK

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2018 : D7 Retrospective - D7, Kunsterhuset, Copenhagen, DK
2018 :  Gelwane - KH7 Artspace - AArhus, DK
2018 :  SSS2018 - Søby Skulptur Biennale - Ærø, DK
2017 : I Wish I Could Do What You Do - Koldinggade 12, Copenhagen  
2017 : 3D Female - Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg, DK
2017 : Luther - Vejle Kunstmuseum, Vejle DK
2016 : 100 Kvinder på Kro - Huset for Kunst & Design, Holstebro, DK
2016 : Pogo - Galleri Marie Kirkegaard, Copenhagen DK
2016 : Begær - Kunst og Fetichisme Holstebro Art Museum, Holstebro DK
2016 : Disgeusia - Format Copenhagen DK ,
2015 : Tableau - Ringstedgalleriet, Ringsted, DK
2015 : SEX, Dansk Standard Poesi - Vejen Art Museum Vejen, DK
2015 : A Voyage Out - Munkeruphus, Munkerup, DK
2015 : Green is Gold @ Citylinks Hamburg, DE
2014 : Skulpturi - Museumsbygningen, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen DK
2013 : Newssshelterplan - New Shelter Plan Copenhagen DK
2013 : Zeigen - Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen DK
2013 : Tunnelvision - Portalen, Hundige, DK
2013 : Imprint - pop-up show hosted by Galleri Kant Copenhagen DK
2012 : X-hibition - Marianne Friis Gallery Copenhagen, DK
2012 : Paper Match - Halmlageret, Carlsberg, Copenhagen DK
2012 : Non-Shop Records - cph_alt, Factory for Art & Design, Copenhagen DK
2009 : Lyst / Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen DK
2009 : Folkstone Prism - Casino Metropolitano, Mexico City, Mexico
2009 : Multiples - CO-lab, Copenhagen DK
2008 : Through the Looking glass / Dunk In Glasgow, Studio Warehouse; Glasgow, UK
2008 : Who’s your Daddy? - CO-lab at JMOCA, Los Angeles, USA
2008 : Strange Strangers - Collaboration at Confederacy of Creative Ephemera, Los Angeles, USA
2008 : Strange Rangers - Circus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2008 : Supermarket Art Fair - Stockholm, SE
2007 : !17! Kunstmesse im frauenmuseum / Frauen Museum w. Sara Katrine Thiesen, Bonn, DE
2007 : The Gender Show w. Sara Katrine Thiesen KHM; Cologne, DE
2007 : Exit 07 - Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand Copenhagen, DK

2010 Danish Art Foundation (work grant)
2012 Danish Art Foundation (work grant)
2013 Danish Art Foundation (travel grant)
2016 Danish Art Foundation (work grant) 
2018 Danish Art Foundation (work grant)
2014 Malerne Else og Henning Jensens Honourable Grant
2016 Niels Wessel Bagges Kunstfonds Honourable Grant


2012 The Danish Institute in Rome, Italy
2013 The Danish Institute in Athens, Greece
2015 The Danish Institute in Athens, Greece
2016 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
2018 The Danish Institute in Rome, Italy


2009 : Ny Danish Art by Kopenhagen Publishing
2008 : New Danish Art by Kopenhagen Publishing
2011 : Salty Waters Velvet Ropes w. Sara Katrine Thisesen (Artistbook)
2015 : Shifter (Artistbook) published by Sphinx Face
2016 : Fetich - Objects of Desire (Catalogue) Published by Holstebro Art Museum, Dk


Collections : 

Leif Djurhuus Collection
The Danish Art Foundation
Vejle Kunstmuseum
Nykredit Art Collection